Our Veterinary Testimonials

Posted By : Connie and Miller Morrow (Meagan and Hilary)
Comments : Thank you all at Affordable Pet Care NW for providing such awesome and loving care to our Cookie.  We have lived here in San Antonio for 26 years, and you have taken care of our pets for over 20 of those.  May you continue your valuable journey in this life providing exceptional care to the furry family members of all.

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Posted By : Liz Cheslock
Comments : Our 7 year old lab mix had to have ACL surgery this past week. Dr. Earl was wonderful and took almost an hour discussing the procedure and answered all of our questions. We had the surgery last Tuesday and it went very well. Dr. Earl called me to let me know how it went and again answered all of our questions. Daisy was doing well until she decided to take out her staples a little early. We went in yesterday to re-staple the three she took out (at no charge and Dr. Earl made us feel much better). Then today, Daisy got out of her cone and took out all of the staples so back to the vet we went. Due to an accident on Bandera at 4:30 pm, it took me almost 3 hours to get to the vet and Dr. Earl and his 2 techs stayed for over an hour after closing to help us. They are the most understanding and calming staff and I would recommend them to anyone needing a vet. Dr. Earl left me tonight feeling that we will continue to work together to get Daisy back to being on 4 legs. Thank you is not enough for me to say to Dr. Earl and his wonderful staff. Hopefully we are on the road to recovery!

Posted By: Casey McCardle
Comments: We moved to San Antonio in June of last year. My husband and I were so lost of where to start of finding jobs, drs, and a vet. Just after reading a few reviews we knew this was the place for our babies. They did a great job with our cats when we had them fixed and declawed. The staff members made sure to call when the cats got out of surgery to us know they were alright and doing well. Plus I called every few hrs just to check on them, but I knew they were in great hands. We were very impress with them and planning a visit soon for a check up and shots. Plus it helps to know where they went to school. We are huge aggie fans and knowing the drs graduated from A&M helped make the the choice of where to take our pets 🙂

Posted By: Douglas Fielder
Comments: Just a short note to tell you how very much we love the doctors and staff at Affordable Pet Care. We’ve taken our animals to APCNW for many years now and have never been disapointed with their service and knowledge. We reicently had some issues with our little female dog. called and was able to get her in to see Dr. Gains that morning. Dr. Gains was incredibly understanding, gentle and in a short time was able to diagnose and treat her problem. I will never take my pets anywhere for care, except AFFORDABLE PET CARE NW!!!

Read Our Client Testimonials: Puppy With StickPosted By: Rudy & Sulema Gutierrez
Comments: I recently got on the internet searching out for a vet clinic and There were many and I read many testimonials some were scary but when reading affordable’s clinic info. I saw there many satisfied customers and the experiences these people had help me make my decision to go there. Well, my wife & I & our lil baby girl peke (scarlet), now know first hand that everything good we read about AFPC is absolutely true. From the moment we walked in everyone, and I mean everyone was wonderful, kind, & caring, we felt like we’d been knowing them for years. Dr. Earl was great he was very understanding and we believe he saw how much we love our Lil girl and treated we gentle like she was his own he was informative attentive wasn’t rushing like other vet experiences we’ve had and recommended other thins we had not considered we Love this place and truly believe we have come home Thank You everyone at AFPC you are our new family members.

Posted By: Yolanda Ceballos
Comments: My husband and I would like to thank Dr. Earl for all he did for our baby, Miss Piggy. Even though the outcome was not what we prayed for, we know that everything possible was done for her. She was treated with great care and love and that meant so much to us. Dr. Earl is truly a wonderful and compassionate vet who has a heart of gold when it comes to his patients. Thank you sooo much, knowing she was in your hands put our minds at ease, when it was time to say goodbye. She was so special to us and we will miss her dearly. Thank you Lord, for giving us the time we had with her.

Posted By: Stacey Stilley
Comments: Affordable Pet Care has been my veterinary clinic for over 20 years. As long as I live in San Antonio, I’ll go nowhere else. Dr. Gaines and the staff (especially Monique and Karen) are great. They are accommodating, compassionate, and caring. Thank you Dr. Gaines and Karen for your support and understanding in my most recent decisions regarding Oliver. You guys totally Rock!

Posted By: Karen & Clifton Burt
Comments: Our American Eskimo, Nemo, was diagnosed by Dr. Earle with a Hemangioma. We were as fearful as anyone could be. Thankfully, AFC-NW was able to perform surgery on Nemo the same day, and we are grateful it was caught in time and his prognosis is good. I can’t thank the kind folks there enough. Our pets are family members, and you treat them, and us, as family. Thank you!!!

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Posted By: Helen McAndrews
Comments: There are not enough words that can express how grateful I feel for the excellent love and care the staff at Affordable Pet Care have given all my babies. Our family consist of cats,dogs, and parrots.From Dr Jenson, Dr Gaines, Dr Earl, I have all basis covered for my pet babies. I have been treated with such dignity and respect. Any questions I have are answered for me. I never feel silly for asking my questions. I would like to also state that I had a event with my Cat Cujo Eye. Dr.Earl saw Cujo and went above and beyond in taking care of Cujo for a week. The TLC Cujo received saved his eye. Today his beauitiful green eyes are due to Dr.Earl. I feel the staff at AFPC are family. I look forward to seeing all of them and visiting with them. God Bless you all for the wonderful care you not only give my animals, but the other pet’s and family that come there. I can tell you the McAndrews family thank you so much and we appreciate all you do !

Posted By: Greg Bearden
Comments: A few weeks ago we noticed a golf ball sized lump on our dog Sox’s leg. As over concerned parents we scheduled an appointment the next day. Dr. Gaines examined her and determined it needed to be removed to prevent further health issues. We readily agreed since we have complete trust in Dr. Gaines and his knowledge. Dr. Earl performed the surgery and removed the tumor successfully and the surrounding tissue. Sox is now tumor free and has a new scar that gives her character and a bit of charm. We cannot be more grateful in the treatment and genuine caring that Affordable Pet Care gives Sox. This filters down from the warm welcome when we open the door to the compassion and teaching the Dr’s give us. Thank you Affordable Pet Care.

Posted By: Todd Overton
Comments: The staff at APCNW is and always has been wonderful to my family. When funds are tight they will work with you to give your pets the best care that you can afford. When our cat Angel had digestive problems, they worked with us for the price of surgery. Unfortunately, there were complications and the decision was made for her to be put down due to a poor prognosis. The love and compassion that the staff shared afterwards was amazing. It was as if they had lost a member of their family too. In all our years of pet ownership, we have never beheld such treatment and will never have another veterinary service if we can help it. These people are top notch in every way. Highly, highly recommended.

Posted By: Karen & Clifton Burt
Comments: APC has taken care of our pets since DAY 1!! We have lost pets due to health issues and old age (Corky, Freeway, Maverick & Goose), and then our BRUTUS, and the compassion shown at this vet clinic is unbelievable. Our three rescues (Zera, Einstein and Nemo), love their VET (well, as much as a dog can). Thanks for taking SUCH good care of our family members!

Posted By: Mrs. Schmeltzer
Comments: Libby saw Dr. Earl at their sister clinic Ingram Park Animal Hospital last Friday and has done a 180. On Saturday she was so much better, even eating!

Posted By: Katie
Comments: Very caring vet and staff. We had to put down one of our dogs here, and they were very understanding. We bring our other dog here for check-ups as well.

Read Our Client Testimonials: Puppy and KittenPosted By: Tim Mckerrow
Comments: Affordable Pet Care has taken care of all our pets since 1998 when our Beloved Wolfgang (Wolfie) was born. For the past 12 years Wolfie made many visits to see Dr. Earle and his wonderful staff. He made many friends, and was always given top notch treatment. For the last several years Wolfie was treated by Dr. Gaines. I came to appreciate the rapport that developed between myself and Dr. Gaines. I remember once asking Dr. Gaines for advice on a potential new addition to our household. He spent 20 minutes discussing this with me. Ultimately, based on his honest opinion, we elected to not adopt this animal. This impressed me as he could have easily told me otherwise. I came to trust Dr. Gaines completely with Wolfie’s care. Sadly, Wolfie became quite ill recently, and Dr. Gaines, Dr. Earl and I felt it was best to not let him suffer. Wolfie was treated with the utmost dignity and compassion by both Doctors. I will never forget their kindness. The staff at Affordable is the best. I have never regretted a dollar spent there. Aubrey, Monique, Tonya, Kim, Katie and Rae are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They really love animals. Lastly, I have a special place in my heart for both Linda and Karen. Over the years they have been so kind to all my pets. I believe there are two kinds of people. Those that own pets and those that loves pets. Karen and Linda are true pet lovers. Linda was especially kind and patient with me in my loss of Wolfie. I will always be grateful. If you want the very best of care, go to Affordable.

Posted By: Herman Hull
Comments: Thanks to Dr. Earl and the staff. We recently had to let our family dog, Coco, go. Dr. Earl’s compassion and attempt at helping Coco was greatly appreciated.

Posted By: Darla Evans
Comments: Dr. Earl and his staff are wonderful! We have been taking our animals to him for over 7 years now. This past year we lost one of our cats to feline leukemia, it was very emotional journey and Dr. Earl was there for our family through it all. I have never met a vet with more compassion and love than Dr. Earl. I would truly recommend him and his staff to anyone needing a vet.

Cat StretchingPosted By: Jan Jonas Barron
Comments: Our cat Midnight was tearing out her hair, throwing up hairballs and vomitting undigested food. Our little dog, Pepe was scratching so much his hair was coming off! Dr. Earl came to the rescue by diagnosing the problems and prescribing medicine. It works! Mignight is now coming out of hiding and is “nice” to our other pets! Pepe is not scratching as much. We all thank Dr. Earl. He has a “halo” over his head!

Posted By: Victoria Scrivano
Comments: Thank you Dr. Earl for being there for us when Oscar passed as well as the many times we had next door animal “emergencies.” We truly appreciate your hospitality.