“For the soul of every living thing is in the hand of God.” ~ Job 12:10

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Annabel Carranza

Bambi Dettlof 
Bambi your sweet little paws left prints on our hearts forever! We love you and will miss you!

Benji Ortiz

Blossom faithful loving companion these past 14 years. She was always at my feet or next to the bed, ever watchful and protecting. She will be missed. Thanks, Kyle and Gina

Brandy Bucholz

Brandy Bucholz, will be missed be her loving family. She was the smartest, sweetest, goofiest dog. Thank you for your protection and love. You are missed so much, more and more everyday. Rest in peace Brandy, we love you.


We miss and love you Britney. You will forever be in our hearts.
Dad, Mom, and Brandon

Buddy  1999-September 11, 2017:
Were going to miss you Buddy. He was a wonderful cat. We love you. Buddy is buried near us under some large beautiful flower bushes where we can go visit him Thank you Dr. Machen’, I know you see a lot of illness and death, you did a great job with us today.
Thank you,
Christopher J. and Raina Lynn White MSN, FNP

Buddy 2005-2016:
Our Katrina rescue dog. So goofy, but so smart. I don’t think I will ever get used to you not being there, wagging your whole body, when a family member walks in the door. Barking at the doorbell –even if it is on TV; opening doors with your paws and nose. You will always be our good boy.

On Friday, March 9th 2018 our beloved Buddy went to heaven. Buddy was more than just a dog, he was our fur son. Although our hearts ache and we miss him tremendously, we know he’s in a better place. Buddy may you eat all the doggy bones and see all the beauty you couldn’t see here on earth. Your sister Maggie, mom and dad will love and miss you always. One day we will see you again when we rest in eternity.

Amanda Ibarra

Buster was born on July 18, 2010 in ft Lauderdale. He was our best friend and lived his whole life loving his family. Protect grandma baby.

Buffy Salinas

Carley passed away on Aug. 15 in your office. Thank you for all of your care and understanding that day. It was a very sudden and unexpected turn of events, and it was extremely hard for me to deal with it all, as I’m sure you could tell…since I spent a big chunk of the day there crying. I sincerely appreciate the compassion that everyone showed to Carley and me. We rescued Carley while on a weekend graduation trip to Dallas. We were able to spend 9 wonderful years with her, and she gave us so much joy and love. She was the sweetest dog I’ve ever had! She was a tiny little 4 1/2 lb. Yorkie, but she had a big personality. She was always attached to me at the hip, I loved her very much, and I miss her every day! Rest In peace, sweet little baby girl.

“Cash” Bates
Forever in our hearts.
2000 – 2016

Charlie blessed my life for over 10 1/2 years! He was the most loving, constantly beside me no matter where we were, social, loved everyone and everyone loved him back special Pug fur baby. Almost lost him twice, thank God he survived a heat stroke in April of 2006 when the A/C went out and an attack by a dog not usually at a friends house in January of 2015. Charlie was an awesome “road dog” as well until I quit driving in December 2008. We went All over the Continental USA and he it all! Sooooo easy going! Charlie loved to chase squirrels, would turn around in circles, squeeling all the while & scaring everyone not prepare for it, untill he couldn’t really see the squirrels anymore in his later years. Sure do miss Mr. Charlie, the most loveable, don’t pick me up for very long, best friend a girl could have!
Thank you all at APCNW for taking such good care of my Charlie everytime we came in! Ya’ll have been wonderful with all of mine and my Mom’s fur babies over the years! Blessings always, Denise Barnes, Darla & Lovie

Dimetri will be forever in hearts and I thank God for blessing us with him even though it was only for six months! Rest in paradise my Dimitri!

You will always be my handsome little man.  Your paw prints have left your mark on my heart.


your mom for 10 years.


Thank you for choosing us at the gas station all those years ago. Thank you for all the happiness you gave us. Thank you for trying so hard to pick up the slack when Buddy had to leave us. You were a good girl.

Flapjack was an amazing companion that was loved by all that met him. Thank you for being by my side for 5 1/2 years. I’ll forever love you bun bun.

004 (1)

After 17 years, you wandered off. Maybe you found a home that served you tuna 3 times a day ( topped with black olives and parmesan). Anyway, we’ll never know, but we love you and miss you.

Gea brought joy and love into our lives. Memories of her will live in our hearts forever and we will miss her very much.

Ginger 10/02 – 09/16
We will never forget our gentle, worried, dingo dog.
Love you forever Gin

Gretchen took a piece of our hearts with her to heaven , especially her mommas. She never met a stranger and thought everyone was her new best friend. She was my best friend for sure!  My life changed forever when she came to me and how lucky am I to have known someone that was so hard to say goodbye to. I Love you sweet girl more than I can ever say with words. Your forever in my heart.

– Wendy Heine

Always Exuberant, Loyal and Loving
Incredible Intelligence
Avid Swimmer, Hiker and Camper
It was her time to become new somewhere else
Safe travels my dear friend


Saying goodbye to an old friend is always hard. It was especially difficult with Elefent, because I first got him (and 3 sisters) when they were 4 days old, just before 9/11/2001. I had to bottle feed all of them every 3 hours around the clock for almost a month. They helped me endure the national tragedy, and I was the only mom they ever knew.
I miss him every day.

Hanson was our beloved greyhound for almost 8 years and he was the most beautiful and wonderful friend. I miss him so much. Thank you sweet boy for all the love and joy you brought to us.
Now run pain free until we meet again.

Jake Wooldridge

Thank you Dr Earl for your loving care for my sweet boy over the years and making his final transition peaceful and calm. He was such a loving sweet boy. With love, Juice’s mom.

“KD” Peay 2002 – 2007 
Much thanks to Dr Earl and the entire Affordable Pet Care NW staff for taking such good care of KD all these years. Thank you for the very thoughtful sympathy note from Dr Earl and beautiful bouquet of flowers. You always treated our little KD with love. Our sweet, happy clown will be greatly missed. Most sincerely, Ralph and Susan

Kitty Seagram Adams
Kitty, you will forever be a part of our hearts. When you came into our home, we didn’t even know we wanted a cat until we were blessed with you. You were such a gift and changed our lives forever. We love you and miss you so.



Our lovable Lexy has left us today but will forever be in our hearts. Her sweet personality has brought so much joy, laughter, and love to our family that she will always be missed and loved. Thank you for letting us be your family we love you.

Lucky brought so much joy to Richard and I for 15 years. We will miss her companionship and loyalty. RIP Lucky.
-Richard and Bea Garcia


Mamma Kitty
I love you so much always…your my kitty angel forever.
Love ,


Mandy came to live with us when she was but a year old and neglected by our neighbor.  She would always dig under the fence into our backyard and play with our other dogs.  She adopted us and so we made her ours.  For eight awesome years we loved one another and she will be so profoundly missed by our family.  My little Mandy Panda Bear.  I will always love you.

Marley Jiang

Miss Melody
Our sweetheart Miss Melody crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. Thank you Dr. Earl & all of you at Affordable Pet Care for your care during this tough time. Denise & brother Charlie

We lost our beloved Misty on August 29, 2018, she was surrounded by all her family.  She was a part of our lives and we will never forget her.  Her friendliness will be missed, she would greet us at the door upon our arrival and was the first at the door for our walks.  Her days were spent indoors next to us, she did not like being outside and would let you know with a bark.  Rest in peace sweet little girl, we will meet again.

Molly was the sweetest beagle and loved to cuddle. She will always be in our hearts and we will miss her very much.

Nala came to me in the spring of 1997 when I got my first apartment in Milwaukee, WI. She traveled with me from Wisconsin to Las Vegas, NV and then to San Antonio, TX for my job… She was a beautiful all white half Siamese/half American short hair cat that knew she was gorgeous. She was very vocal about she did and didn’t like but she was a good cat. I hope she is at peace and pain free over the Rainbow Bridge now… She is with her cat brothers who passed before she did… And Nala will be missed…
Nala’s Mom- Michelle A. Stelter
Nala posing as the Queen Bee…


May your paws & purrs be heard all through Heaven now that you are God’s Heavenly Galaxy, far, far away….

Thank you Dr. Krampe & the Affordable Pet Care Staff for your compassion and care.

Deborah L. Tinsley Pledger

Omar Galan
Thank you so much APC for making my final time with my best friend so peaceful and proper. I will miss my best friend and confidant, my movie beer and pizza buddy, my wrestle mania cat, my pillow… unconditional friend….you were a true God sent through some of the toughest times in my life… I will see you soon…I love you….

Oreo “Cookie” Monster   02/14/2000 – 03/22/2018

Cookie shared our family for 18 years; through tears, laughter, and lots of joy! May she run with the ones who have gone on before her.  Thank you, Cookie, for your snuggles and constant recliner companionship.

“The best place to bury a dog is in the heart of his master.”

–Ben Hur Lampman

Oreo Villarreal 1995-2011

you are beloved by us and will never be forgotten. Well done, good and faithful servant.

An angel lived among us and it was a dog. A girl named Peggy gave us 11+ wonderful years. She lived in the streets till we found her and brought her home. What a lovely gift God created in Peggy. Funny. Compassionate. Calm. Happy. Hospitable. I would always say everybody needs to be like Peggy. Even to her last hour Peggy was wagging her tail. We thought we rescued her BUT she rescued us with her love. We miss our Peggy Poo. Till we meet again from your mom, dad, fursibs. Eternal Love. Eternal Fire.

Plato Miller 2003-2010

Pretty Girl Echo 01/2005 – 07/2015
With those piercing blue eyes, soft fluffy brown and white fur, your beauty always captured hearts, but none more than mine. You always greeted with excitement, telling me about your day or when you just wanted to talk or play. In the short three and half years we shared together, you filled my heart with joy and love to no end. Thank you for allowing me to be your Mommy. So go run and play in heaven, as we will play again another day. You will be missed sweet baby girl and always live in my heart.

Queen Kit Salazar 2007-2015
My beautiful Calico Wonder, you were my shadow for 17 years. I grew up with you, many memories were made and I cherish them in my heart, but when tears were shed you were always there to lick them away and paw at my face. I love you my sweet heart and miss you so much. When the time is right we’ll be together again, until then have fun in heaven my sweet. Always and forever in my heart is where you’ll remain until we meet again.
Your Angel

Quintus & Bram

In Loving Memory of My Giant Boys.

It was not their sizes that made them giants. It was their hearts.

Mom and Dad will love and miss you both until the end of time.

Thank you APC for making our final time with Rex peaceful and proper. Rex was a loyal companion and my boys best friend. Our house will not be the same without him. He will be missed. We Love you Rexy!


Our sweet girl, Ruby, before she passed.

Ruby Wild Fang Wooldridge

Ryder Stein 05/06/06 – 04/26/18

Salem 2000-2015
You had many nicknames and the personalities to match them all! There is an emptiness in our hearts without you, but we know you’re waiting for us in Heaven with Lenny the dog, old friends reunited. Until we can all be together again some day, be at peace in your new home.

Sandy Girl you were loved by so many. We are going to miss you more than we can ever say. We will see you again one day as I know you will be waiting for us at Heaven’s door.

Scruffy, we miss you more than any bark and or howl we can make. You were suppose to out live us all with the enormous amount of energy you had until you got sick. Hope you are enjoying your time in heaven with Grannie. Love Murphy and cousins Winny Toolan Ferguson and Rufus Ferguson. BTW – Mom and Dad are keeping your memories alive in so many ways.
No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich. Louis Sabin

Sheba was my friend, my partner, my protector, my service dog.
I was her life, her love, her leader. She was mine, she was faithful and true,
To the last beat of her heart.
She was my German Shepherd

Shiner Bock Lyons 1995-2010

In Loving Memory:

Sophia Ponce March 2, 2006 – July 10, 2018

Rest In Peace Sweet Baby Girl. We miss you.

Spooky Stelter
My gentle giant of a cat, Spooky, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on September 14, 2017 after fighting bladder cancer. Spooky was a young 17 years old… He was the last of my “Wisconsin” cats that came with me from Wisconsin to Vegas to San Antonio following his mom and her career path. Spooky was a “ladies” cat and he loved the attention from the ladies because he knew he was so handsome with his black and white tuxedo fur. Spooky”s reaching paw towards you when you sat down next to him to give him scratches will be greatly missed. Until we meet again Spooky over the bridge… you are missed already…
Love you momma-
Michelle Stelter

Squirrel Castro: 2007-2016
A loving pet and a very Big part of
of the family that will be missed.

Striker: 2001-2015
This little fella was found by my boyfriend’s mom, but she was unable to care for him. He was a good mouser, so that’s why she named him Striker. I ended up adopting him and it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Unfortunately, his body didn’t keep up with his spirit over the years. He was a great cat with a huge heart and the personality to match it. I loved my silly boy and I will miss him a great deal. Thank you Affordable Pet Care for making his transition so peaceful.

My heart has a big hole in it from losing my boy Sylver. He came to my house in the arms of a young girl who simply said, “is this kitten yours”? And without any hesitation I said yes. He was with me ever since. I will miss you my sweet boy.

Your life was too short. Your presence in our lives was too brief. But your impact on us is forever. You were the perfect kitten. We will always love you, darling Tess.

Tickles Tic, Tac and Toe. Sisters were born in Harts, West Virginia. When we gave two cats a way, Tac was not a good name, so she became Tickle. We moved to Utah, then Texas, and she traveled well. Morning and knight she would sit on my lap for an hour or more getting love. We added Abby to our family, they became friends. For 20 years she was wonder pet. I will miss her a lot.
Ilana Thompson.

I had to say goodbye to my loving, sweet companion and friend today.
Tigger and I were together for 15 years. He was there for me during the bad times and good times.
I have a whole in my heart and will always.

Tigger, you truly are one of a kind.  Your paw prints will forever be on my heart.  Love you always, your mom for 11 years.

Jadyn loved her very much; as did we all. We know she is now at peace. Thanks Dr. Jensen & staff.

Our precious little TJ spent his first 6 years of life in a horribly neglectful situation. When I saw him, he was sitting up begging me to take him home which I did. I took him to APC because he was a mess. APC cleaned out his ears, his eyes, and had to pull all but 8 of his teeth. He came home with me and became one of my and my mother’s (she lived with us) sweetest little friends. A few years later after a scary emergency room visit, we learned that TJ had a collapsed trachea and enlarged heart. Gentle Dr. Earl helped us through this and prescribed medicines that helped this little fellow hang on long past the expected time, During these last couple of years, TJ began to sleep more and more. He spent his days in the lap of my mother who lived with us for 8 years. She stroked his fur and patted him until they were both sound asleep. They were a comfort to each other. Mom passed away at 96 on April 19 of this year, and our TJ, joined her on July 16. I would like to believe that he is once again snuggled soundly in her lap. Thank you Dr. Earl, Dr. Krampe, and Dr. Gaines for helping us take care of this little 6-lb. furry angel.
-Tom and Barbara Stevens and Lovey Rose

Treasure Wilson 1997-2010


The Queen of our home.  My best friend.  A True Ambassador of her breed…A Gentle Spirit… A Warrior…love always…till we meet again my Sweet Angel…

Tully Adams

Wolfgang McKerrow 1998-2010