Balcones Heights Veterinary Hospital Cares

All pet families in the Balcones Heights area need to visit Affordable Pet Care Northwest. Our Balcones Heights veterinary hospital is fully committed to providing excellent pet care with plenty of compassion. Our team of veterinarians are here to help with whatever you need.

As an added bonus, our Balcones Heights veterinary hospital cares for exotic animals as well as dogs and cats. Whether you own a bird, snake, hamster, mouse or whatever else, Dr. Jim Jenson will provide them with plenty of services and care.

Our Veterinary Services

Affordable Pet Care Northwest provides many services to your pets. Here are the kinds of care they will receive at our Balcones Heights veterinary hospital:

Wellness care: The process of wellness care includes routine physical examinations, testing for heartworm, and blood and intestinal parasites. We also help with parasite control and tell owners how to keep up their pet’s continued health.

Diagnostic testing: Though we hope they won’t ever need this, diagnostic testing is here at our Balcones Heights veterinary hospital to help us pinpoint problems with your pet. We have an in-house lab for blood work, digital radiography and ultrasound. There’s also endoscopy, colonoscopy, and rhinoscopy testing available.

Internal medicine: If your pet suffers from cancer, diabetes, or diseases concerning the kidney, liver or thyroid, we can help. Internal medicine can aid your pet through these problems.

Pet surgery: At Affordable Pet Care Northwest, we offer three different categories of surgical procedures. There is elective surgery, where we perform spay/neuter and declawing procedures. Next, is orthopedic surgery where we perform procedures involving the bones and joints. Casting and splinting fractures falls into this category as well. Finally, we have soft tissue surgeries. This is when we perform stomach and thoracic surgery, repair hernias, remove tumors and do procedures in the ears, eyes, or mouth.

Pet dental care: We provide dental exams and teeth cleanings, as well as extractions.

Class IV Laser Therapy: Laser therapy is meant to reduce arthritis pain in animals. It also helps speed up healing.

Visit Affordable Pet Care Northwest Today

If you want to bring your pet to Affordable Health Care Northwest, please contact us. Feel free to address any questions or concerns you have about the services we offer. We’ll see you soon!