Northwest San Antonio Veterinarians

Our Northwest San Antonio Veterinarians Care for Your Pets

If you’re looking for a team of Northwest San Antonio veterinarians to take your pet for their next checkup, try Affordable Pet Care Northwest San Antonio. We provide a variety of services for your dogs, cats, and even exotic pets. Dr. Jim Jensen specifically cares for these special creatures, including rats, mice, lizards, snakes, birds, and much more.

Our Northwest San Antonio veterinarians can provide virtually anything your pet could ever need, all in one place. From checkups to surgery, you can find it all here, along with compassionate care. If you’re curious, visit Affordable Pet Care Northwest San Antonio soon!

Our Veterinary Services

Our Northwest San Antonio veterinarians provide the following services for all pets:

  • Wellness care, where we give your pet annual physical exams and vaccinations, test them for heartworm, blood, and intestinal parasites, provide parasite control, and more
  • Internal medicine, which is when we treat various conditions your pet may have, such as diabetes mellitus, kidney, liver, and thyroid disease, and many more
  • Diagnostics, where we take a closer look at abnormalities with blood work through our in-house lab, provide digital x-rays and ultrasounds, perform colonoscopies, and more
  • Pet dental care, which includes oral examinations, routine teeth cleanings, and extractions, also antibiotics, should your furry friends need them
  • Class IV laser therapy, which helps heal inflammation in your pets, as well as help them relieve pain from chronic conditions, such as arthritis

Affordable Pet Care Northwest San Antonio also provides a wide variety of surgical procedures in the three following categories:

  • Elective surgery, where spay and neuter, as well as declawing, is performed
  • Soft tissue surgery, where abdominal and thoracic procedures occur, along with hernia repair, tumor removals, and various eye, ear, and mouth procedures, plus much more
  • Orthopedic surgery, where we repair kneecaps and ligaments, repair fractures, do casting and splinting, and perform amputations

If you’d like to bring your pet to Affordable Pet Care Northwest San Antonio, contact us at 210-684-2273 for an appointment.